Welcome to Scarlet and Rubies!

Scarlet and Rubies is all about you and your clothes. Clothes are such a personal thing, don’t you think? They allow us to feel beautiful, they can help inspire confidence, and they portray something of our personality. They can also make us feel frumpy, ugly, fat, and generally drag us down. That’s pretty powerful. In fact, I’d say there are few material things in our lives that have quite so much power over us.

Scarlet and Rubies is different from other fashion sites. We understand that not everyone looks good in black, white or grey.¬†The truth is that there are at least 4 different colour palettes that are often referred to according to the seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Only a Winter looks great in black and white – Autumns look better in Chocolate and Oyster, Summers look better in Soft White and Burgundy or Plum, and Springs look better in Ivory, with no dark colours in their palette at all. By wearing colours that suit you, your skin comes alive, your eyes light up, and all of a sudden you’re getting comments every where you go about how radiant and lovely you look. This is a website dedicated to fashion¬†to suit every palette, so that you can look your best. You’ll find some tips on how to figure out what season you belong to here.

Secondly, Scarlet and Rubies is proudly British, and so all the clothes we post you can buy from High Street stores. The links take you straight to the items online. No dodgy sizes, odd returns policies or fighting to find a customer service consultant who understands plain English, just the stores you already know and love.

Which takes us to our third point, the outfits you’ll find on Scarlet and Rubies are outfits that we would actually wear. There are no affiliate links, no kick-backs, no brands backing posts. Even though the clothes are from stores you know and love, those stores have no say over what goes on our site. Everything that we post is because we love it, and we hope you will too.

So there you have it! We hope that browsing Scarlet and Rubies you’ll be inspired to embrace your palette, develop a wardrobe you truly love, and discover your unique, beautiful, radiant style.